Dig deeper to discover one of the jewels of the Caribbean with a kosher stay this Passover

It’s easy to think of the Caribbean islands as all the same — silvery-white sandy beaches, waving palm trees and crystal- clear turquoise water. And while that’s (broadly) correct, dig just a little deeper and you’ll quickly discover each island has its own distinct personality.

The Dominican Republic is no exception. Famous for its all-inclusive resorts, it’s well worth venturing outside the gates — here’s why….

Passover in the Dominican Republic

Enjoy matzah in the tropical sunshine this year, with a Passover package at Eden Roc Cap Cana. The ten-day package runs from 22 April until 1 May, with the option to arrive on 21 April, and includes all food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Morning services, group study sessions and workshops on the first two days are followed by chol hamoed guided tours of local cultural and historic sites, with a focus on the island’s Jewish heritage, plus a spiritual group excursion and a spa day inspired by Jewish wellness practices.

Guests can also take part in morning Torah readings and discussions on the weekly Torah portion, plus an eco-adventure tour on the final days, focusing on nature’s role in Passover, along with a group matzah baking activity and traditional lunch.

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